Podcasts and Studio Visit

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, exhibitions and art events were canceled or postponed. Arts communities around the globe sought new ways to connect and dialogue while in quarantine. It was during this time of isolation, I connected to the podcast PROArtes México, the podcast Fifty Feminist States and a studio visit with Amos Eno Gallery.

PROArtes México is the brainchild of Stephanie Garcia and Peter Hay. Aquí&Allá – Here & There: Conversations with Creators from MX & USA. In this bilingual series, PROArtes México sits down with contemporary artists working in the USA or MX and discusses their work, concepts, ideas, and interests in their preferred language. With translated versions of the interviews available on our website, PROArtesMexico.com.mx. Follow along as they jump the border to connnect artists from Mexico and the USA. Link to podcast and website:


Fifty Feminist States is a podcast hosted by Amelia Hruby, a writer, podcaster and academic living in Chicago. She travels to hear these stories and produces each episode herself. Fifty Feminist States is a roadtripping, storytelling podcast featuring feminist activists and artists from all fifty US states. Each episode focuses on a single state, featuring the work of one or more activists and/or artists there to explore a local issue from the lens of gender justice and queer liberation. Link to podcast and website:


Studio Visit with Amos Eno Gallery – Founded in 1974, Amos Eno Gallery is one of New York City’s longest operating artist-run gallery spaces. As a registered 501(c)3 organization, Amos Eno Gallery provides a full season of exhibits by emerging and mid-career artists working in visual, performance, installation, interactive, and/or digital media/video. Our season is complemented by a diverse series of performances as well as educational and public programs for the New York area. In Spring 2020, Amos Eno Gallery sat down with Rosemary Meza-DesPlas to discuss her unique artist materials for her hand-sewn hair drawings, the purpose of protest, and turning anger into agency. We also found out more about her newest series and the importance of getting in formation.

Mary Gagler, Amos Eno gallery director visits with artist, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas